The Top 10 Trending TikTok Challenges List 2023 That Deserve A Try

The Top 10 Trending TikTok Challenges List 2023 That Deserve A Try

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The growth of TikTok is everywhere around the world, and the trends emerge from this engaging platform. With millions of active users, they try out multiple challenges to create interest among their target audiences. TikTok makes you go viral quickly with trends and challenges. TikTok contains half of the most popular content, with the other half of videos being the recreation of TikTok trends.

An effective way to go viral on TikTok fast is by recreating TikTok trends videos and trying out the TikTok challenges to create more potential videos. The TikTok audiences are more likely to view and engage with the recreated videos that come up with the TikTok trends.

If you are a brand and planning to use TikTok as a marketing tool or to stay on top of the TikTok trends, TikTok challenges will be the right place to stay ahead of competitors. Know the top TikTok challenges list 2023 and get tremendous growth.

Stay on this guide to find the most popular TikTok challenges and trends in 2023.

What Are TikTok Challenges?

Generally, a challenge is nothing but calling one or more people to participate in the contest, i.e., inviting someone to join a competition. Meanwhile, TikTok challenges invite audiences to join the challenge by performing some tasks to attract their target users and increase their popularity. Since it is a challenge, many people are involved in the same task to show their uniqueness and creativity.

When people join the TikTok challenge and publish the video, they will be advised to use the same hashtag if they participate in the particular challenge. As a result, using hashtags in the challenge created a popularity for your brand. 

Do you know the necessity of creating TikTok challenges? The motivation behind the TikTok challenge is:

  • Test your creativity and go ahead of people who can’t do it.
  • To create a video and increase the brand popularity among millions of users.

Top 10 TikTok Challenges List 2023 To Try

Though most TikTok users create and participate in challenges, only a few become viral and engaging all over the world. However, creating challenges enhances the chance for brands to gather TikTok fans and gain authority over your profile provides guaranteed exposure with higher engagement. Among them, the top 10 TikTok challenges list 2023 is listed below:

#1. In 2023, I Will

Did you know that the ‘In 2023, I Will’ challenge on TikTok spread like a fire among millions of people during the new year celebration. This challenge gave the opportunity for TikTok users to explore their dreams and hopes for the upcoming year 2023. Many users shared their resolution, and as a result, this hashtag challenge acquired over 95 million views on the TikTok platform.

#2. The Birria Ramen Challenge

This TikTok challenge has become a hit among the foodie community on TikTok. It encourages users to share the recipe for making Birria Ramen. This food consists of Mexican shredded beef, Japanese Ramen, and chili broth. Though some users are unable to cook the recipe, they simply use the hashtags on other cooking videos to gain exposure. This simple recipe acquired the world by storm and got more than 100 million views on TikTok.

#3. The Shoot In The Sky Challenge

In 2023, the popularity of this challenge will go higher since it appreciates the beauty of nature. It currently gains millions of views where more popular TikTokers join this challenge to show their uniqueness. You can also join the challenge today and gain fun with it. 

#4. The Empath Challenge

Though it is not a new trend, the empath challenge goes viral in 2023 with nearly five million new views using its hashtag. People use this challenge to take the position of a person who is different from their friends or atmosphere. Though most of the videos under this challenge are fun, some of them created educational videos under this trending hashtag that helps to teach TikTok users about the meaning of empath.

#5. The Learn Something New Challenge

The challenge appears in the early days before 2023. Generally, we will plan the things to do in the upcoming year before it emerges. TikTok creators took the same idea to learn new things from different users with a specific hashtag. This new TikTok challenge has become quite popular on TikTok and helps to know what people will learn this year.  

#6. Hot Pot Sauce Challenge

It is another popular challenge that goes viral among the TikTok foodie community. The particular challenge gained over one billion views under this hashtag this year. It is the most viral TikTok challenge in 2023 so far. It is a simple challenge where TikTok users try it out by dipping sauce for the hotspot. Some users differ by dipping sauce for their favorite recipe and using the same hashtag, while others try to know how delicious the recipe is. 

#7. The Edge Challenge

The edge challenge is the newest TikTok challenge that goes viral with more than 15 million views under this hashtag. This TikTok trend uses the word ‘edge’ and spreads like fire among different users. The content creators and other TikTokers keep performing the trend in public and private spaces. The people’s reaction to this trending video adds fun to the challenge.

#8. The Sprite Challenge

This challenge is easy to participate in but difficult to succeed in. It is a challenge for TikTokers to drink the whole bottle of Sprite without stopping to burp. As everyone knows, the Sprite drink is fizzy, and many people failed in the challenge without completing it. Meanwhile, this challenge creates fun with the participant’s reaction when they hold their hardest in a burp. This challenge has reached over four billion views so far.

#9. Sleepy Day Challenge

If it is hard for you to stop the yawn throughout the day, then it is perfect for you to join the Sleepy day challenge. TikTok users join this challenge by recording their yawns in each task, like during breakfast, computer work, or workouts. Some users provided uniqueness by adding songs lining up during each yawn in the background.

#10. The Sound Like A Beat Dance Challenge

It is the most popular dance challenge in the year 2023. People on TikTok join the dance challenge to deliver a sound the same as the beat without the music. Since it is a fun challenge, it accommodates everyone on the TikTok platform to join the challenge.

Wrapping Up

Knowing different new challenges on TikTok becomes essential to create a popular TikTok account. If you want to enhance your business, start to explore your creativity by participating in the latest TikTok challenges to gain audience attention. Now, you are at the right place to find the essential hacks to become famous on TikTok with the above challenges.

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